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We’re a Female owned Salt Lake City based marketing team for ambitious female-led brands and businesses.  We’re women who love shouting from the rooftops about amazing business women who are shattering their personal glass ceilings. Many of us grew up being told we couldn’t and we wouldn’t, and yet look at all of our clients! Badass women building successful brands and businesses that are changing their communities and families for the better.


And that’s how we see marketing–a megaphone to make sure the people who need your products or services know that you even exist.  Marketing isn’t about you or your brand at the end of the day–it’s about the people you’re helping. You saw a need, a way you could make people’s lives better, and you stepped up. 


Let’s work together to make sure the people who need you most can find you and understand exactly how you’re about to make their lives so much better.


Our approach combines the heart and science of marketing. We utilize the latest technology and software to make sure the heart of your message is heard loud and clear. 

The Nymble Effect


Everything we do is designed to nurture female talent at every level–whether you’re just out of school, ready for a mid-career transformation, or finally getting around to launching your dream business, we’re here for you.


Plus, we donate 3% of our profits to IFW (I Fund Women ), an organization focused on providing financial support to help women start their own businesses. 

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Photo of Lisa Dickman working on her phone for Nymble Creative

Invest In Your

Vision & Purpose

We know hiring a marketing agency can feel scary. And we know how handing anything off regarding your brand or business to other people can keep you up at night. 


That’s why we’ve built a strong and professional team that is truly invested in your success–we aren’t interested in selling you services you don’t need.


You can be positive that we’ll give you honest and authentic feedback about your business. When you join Nymble, you’re joining a committed team of women who will support you every step of the way.