Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Working from home is looking like a new norm, even as we move through the pandemic. While it’s been cool to see how companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs can create magic in unconventional workspaces like their kids’ playrooms or even the dining room, it’s hard to create boundaries and remain productive when your pets are whining and your dishes are begging to be done.

Not to worry. You aren't alone! As we have struggled through these issues ourselves, here are a few things we've learned along the way to create the most effective work environment from the place we call home.

1. Create Boundaries

We mean it! It’s tempting to whip the laptop out in bed or during dinner, but this might be the opposite of productive. For the sake of self-care, set working hours! You can embrace the 9-5 life in your own home, and as soon as the clock strikes 5:01 we give you permission to shut the laptop and enjoy your life. No matter what your hours look like, your brain needs time to rest and recharge so it can have your back the next day. We mean it when we say no laptops at dinner. It’s better for your digestion!

2. Categorize your Tasks

When your to-do list is vague and lengthy, it’s hard to know where to start. Create clear and concise steps for all of your tasks, so you always know what the end and the beginning look like. Then, take the 3-5 tasks that are the most time-sensitive and start there. Do you need to do everything on the list? Choosing your top priorities every day will help you move forward with ease.

3. Embrace Communication

Make sure you’re touching base with bosses, coworkers, and clients often so everyone knows due dates and appropriate times for calls and zooms. Don’t forget to be flexible, as everyone’s home life looks a little different. You can also let a spouse, kids, roommate, or even your pet know when you need some silent time to focus on work so you can hang out later. Instead of feeling annoyed or frustrated, make expectations clear!

Looking to get out of the house to get some work done? 3 Cups Coffee has spaces such as booths or bars where you can hunker down and get to work while sipping on their delicious coffee drinks and house-made foods. The first hour is free and staying longer isn’t an issue- it just takes paying a small fee to extend usage.

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