If you are posting Reels left and right but can’t seem to understand why some perform well while some just fall completely flat, maybe you’ve taken the wrong turn.

Becoming overly focused on trending sounds, songs or voice overs can easily take you from “en-route to your destination” to “make a u-turn at the next light”. Ultimately, overly focusing on trending sounds can result in you becoming less focused on sharing your actual message with video. So don’t forget to allow yourself a low production Reel from time to time so your audience can get a dose of your face and voice on their Reels tab. Not only will this make you highly engageable, it can also be a great boost to your play count.

This week - we want to extend a goal to you! Try filming a face-to-cam Reel to switch things up a bit and see if you get more views and engagement. You don’t always need the fancy transitions or trending audios to get people to see you or even to want to follow you. Not sure where to start? Here’s some ideas to change up your reel posting routine!

• Face-to-cam mini training about your product or service

• Simple day in my life vlog about your work day

• Record a face-to-cam reel about a product tip.

Give one of these a shot and be sure to tag us in it - we want to see your ideas come to life!

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