Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Here at Nymble, we like to take a lighthearted and fun approach to our content and our work in general. But today, we want to get a little bit more serious about what it is that we actually do.

When we tell people that we do social media marketing for businesses, you could not imagine the looks that we often get. They’re often somewhere between “Okay, but what is your ACTUAL job?” and “Damn, must be nice to play on social media all day.” Social media marketing is a relatively new service, so we never judge too harshly when we get this kind of reaction, but we want to set the record straight that social media marketing IS NOT code for scrolling through different social media platforms all day.

The bottom line is that social media marketing is so much more than just posting pretty pictures and trying to get as many followers as possible. So much thought and depth goes into every single post that shows up on a client's feed.

We’ve listed just a few things that show up in our process of posting:

  • Putting together social media strategies

  • Brainstorming content ideas

  • Market research

  • Deciding which form each content idea would perform best under

  • Finding sounds for potential reels/TikToks

  • Planning photoshoots

  • Taking photo and video content

  • Editing photo and video content

  • Planning content (usually around an aesthetic)

  • Creating graphics

  • Writing captions

  • Hashtag research

  • Selecting individual hashtags for each post

  • Planning stories to engage an audience

  • Keyword research and SEO (yes, we said SEO)

  • Interpreting analytics

  • Answering DMs

  • Engaging with current community and potential clients (based on market research)

  • Staying up to date with current social media trends

  • Adjusting strategy and posting with updates to algorithms for different platforms

More than just going through the motions, we take the TIME and put in the EFFORT to really dive into your business and understand how to best highlight exactly what it is that makes your brand YOUR BRAND. And to be frank, people hire us because we are experts and we pride ourselves in knowing all there is to know about success on social media.

So if you're feeling stuck or running out of time to put true effort into your business's social media, it might be time to look into hiring out for social media. Social media is our passion. Let us help you get back to yours.

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