Yesterday we held an in-person Reels Workshop and it was so much fun!

We love meeting our community face to face and sharing our knowledge.

It was amazing to watch as simple things clicked and amazing business owners went from feeling totally overwhelmed to joyously laughing and enjoying the process. And best of all, leaving the workshop feeling much more confident about the work they had created with us and the plans they had for future reels.

Instagram is stating that they are going to be pushing original and creative content. What this means is while you can definitely continue to do reels that are voice overs or dancing trends, coming up with content that is all your own is going to be pushed much farther.

The first reel we focused on in our workshop was a basic voice over. We chose this because the steps are already created for you so you have less to think about while you are learning and building confidence. We recommend this for you as well if you are just starting out. Everyone was nervous and struggled to push past their fears, judgements and internal dialogues. But, they did it and survived. They came to realize - it’s a lot easier to be in front of the camera than they initially thought.

We then showed them how to create a transition. It was so interesting this time around because although this was a much more complicated reel to learn, all of the attendees chose to create a transition that was unique to them. They seemed to find more ease when given the direction to get creative. This time around as they made the reels there was loud laughter, talking, sharing and overall joy.

At the beginning of the class we told everybody to get comfortable with being uncomfortable - and they did just that. Honestly, this is what it's all about. If you are finding yourself dreading the making of reels, showing your face on social media or feeling overwhelmed with the process, take a deep breath, give yourself permission to not do it perfectly and choose to have fun over trying to meet some crazy and unrealistic expectation. You just might be surprised with all you’re capable of accomplishing.

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