Planning The Perfect Branded Photoshoot

Ladies… we know the all-too-familiar routine of scrambling to plan a shoot while simultaneously feeling like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

As business owners and creators, photo content is everything when it comes to marketing and branding. Not entirely convinced? Whether you’re planning your first brand shoot or you’re a seasoned business owner looking to level up on your branding and photos, we’re here to tell you that photo content absolutely matters - and we’ve seen it firsthand with our clients!

Don’t worry - we’re not just going to tell you to plan better brand photoshoots and then leave you hanging. Lucky for you, Nymble has been through that learning curve and we want to share everything we’ve learned with YOU. We made a checklist of everything to be mindful of when you’re planning a branded shoot!

Let’s start with the basics - finding a photographer.


When you choose a photographer, it’s important to be versed on the type of photos they take - it’s bad etiquette to ask a photographer to change their editing style, so make sure you really love how their photos look on your brand. Here at Nymble, we are connected with some of the best photographers in Utah - and we use them for our brand, too! Call us for pricing, availability, and to view our favorite photographers’ portfolios.


Linen Light Studio

The Loft Studio

Lite Photo Studios

Colur Studio

Studio Noire

Studio 1918


It’s time to re-evaluate (or evaluate for the first time if you haven’t already) the feel your brand or business gives off. Is it more moody? Dark? Light? Airy? Communicating with your photographer beforehand is essential to a shoot that will leave you satisfied. Coordinate with them what the best time of day would be for lighting, depending on location, and make sure you’re on the same page about any extra lighting needs.


Consider how many people are going to be in the shoot and how you want your outfits to coordinate. We LOVE using Pinterest to plan shoot outfits! Create a mood board and add anything you feel would be helpful outfit inspo for the people involved in your shoot. Alternating between 2-3 outfits is a great way to make the photos you take go a long way. Plan different outfits for different vibes and use them strategically in future campaigns.


It’s always better to come with too many props rather than wish you had more during the shoot. The tedious thing about photoshoots is that you never know how fast (or slow) the shoot will go. If your shoot is going faster than planned and you have time at the end, use the extra props you brought to make your money count.


It’s good practice to show up to the shoot with specific ideas and a shot list to give your photographer. While we LOVE encouraging creative freedom from the photographer, that freedom needs to exist within your brand’s parameters. Again, Pinterest will be your friend in this situation! Create a shareable board and pin ideas for shots you love, even if the lighting or vibe is off from your brand. Rather than spending time guessing, your time will be used getting the shots you WANT. Go over your Pinterest board with your photographer beforehand so there’s no confusion when it comes to what you want.

Here at Nymble, we love everything photoshoots and branding. Reach out to see how we can help you set up the perfect shoot for your brand - and, in the meantime, use some photos from our last photoshoot for some inspo!

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