Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Imagine a day (heaven forbid) when Instagram may not exist anymore. A day where the newest and most trending app takes over the digital space. Think about MySpace, which became obsolete once Facebook caught up and stole the show.

As a digital marketing agency, we are the first to endorse social media as an amazing tool for marketing and sharing information. However, on days like today when Instagram is down, we are reminded by just how fickle these types of platforms are.

The fact of the matter is, when you are posting information on someone else's site (i.e. all social media platforms) the content is short term, meaning that there may be a day that this information is no longer relevant or available. We are here to remind you that all hope is not lost! All of the time and effort you put into the information you're sharing is not a waste, as long as you understand the concept and balance of long term and short term content.

Any content on the internet can be categorized as either long term or short term.

Short term content has a “one and done” nature to it. A single Instagram post or an email. This kind of content is great for trending content, information that may change overtime or time-sensitive updates. This content tends to get a lot of attention in the first day or so that it is published before getting covered up by the content of the following days, weeks, months and even years! Think about an Instagram post that your business posted a year ago. How far would someone have to scroll to see that post? What kind of information did the post contain? Is it still relevant?

Long term content is evergreen. Though there are many more examples, a website, YouTube video or a blog are just a few. Even more than the format of the content, the subject matter is very important. The content must contain information that is fact based or timeless. A topic like “fun things to do by yourself” is going to be information that isn’t going to change and something that has the potential to be searched for a long time.

Sometimes it can feel like those channels of long term content are old or outdated. However, creating these channels where your content can be relevant for years and years on end will not only help your business to establish its expertise on the topics you’re discussing, it will also help you maintain control over where the information lives and how long it stays published. This blog post is a great example. As an article that is posted on our website, we are able to control the publishing and information within the article. Instagram being down doesn’t affect it. MySpace going extinct isn’t going to change that. And this is going to be a topic that is searchable for years to come! So not only are we telling you about the value of long term content - we are showing you as well!

There is value in both types of content! We are by no means suggesting that you stop putting time and effort into short term content. We are simply reminding you not to forget about the long term and how a single blog post can be just as important as the curation of a post on social media.

As a digital marketing agency, we are well versed in the importance of both long and short term content and offer services related to both. So if you’re needing help with anything from a single Instagram post to creating a long term presence for your business on the internet, we would love to help.

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