Let's go LIVE

Put your hands up if going live on Instagram feels like your worst nightmare!

Perhaps it’s the thought of being on the spot and allowing your followers to see and hear the unedited version of yourself. What if you look stupid or mess up what you are trying to say? Not only do these thoughts run through most everyone’s heads… but, they actually DO happen. However, just like everything else on social media, the mess-up's are just a grain of sand on a beach.

So, getting past that fear needs to be a priority so you can connect with your followers. Using video and going live is one of the best ways to connect. So, make your message bigger than your fears. When you start showing up on video consistently week after week, the nerves will fade. Ultimately, you need to realize the value of video is just too good to not use.

What does it even mean to go live on Instagram?

Going live means broadcasting live to your followers on Instagram. You’re not filming and editing your video before uploading it. Instead, you’re going live on video in the moment and your viewers are seeing and hearing you in the present moment.

There’s literally NO censor. And, there are some big benefits to this.

1. It will INCREASE YOUR REACH. Data backs up that the majority of audiences would rather watch a video than read a blog post, meaning you will have better reach from your content from the additional visibility gained from Instagram.

With live video, your followers will receive a notification as soon as you start your live to let them know they can join you. They simply click on the notification and there you are! The algorithm loves video and will push it further to your audience.

It’s a great way for getting the followers who are online at that same moment to join you live. It will then sit within the Instagram Stories feature for 24 hours, which means that you’ll get added visibility by appearing at the top of your followers’ feed for longer. And, you can add it to your post feed to stay forever.

2. THE MORE AUTHENTIC, THE BETTER. Going live on Instagram gives you the opportunity to be authentic in front of your audience. Live video is less polished and more off the cuff than a pre-recorded and edited video making it easier to relate to. That may sound scary, but it’s actually a good thing! Your audience can get a real sense of the real you which is a huge bonus for building your personal brand.

3. When it comes to engagement, remember that live video is a two-way interaction and that is a huge benefit! IGLive is a great way to BOOST ENGAGEMENT. You can ask questions during your live, and you can read out answers in the comments. Your viewers can ask you questions and you can reply in real-time as you see those questions pop up on your feed. It’s the closest thing to having a real conversation with your followers.

Check out Nymble's IGLive's every Wednesday at 12:00 MST via IG

And, check back next week to learn how to go live and what to do when you are live.

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