Let's Get Intentional with our Stories

How are you using stories on your IG page?

Most people are using them to re-share their post or share something someone else shared, that they either liked or agreed with. But what if we got more intentional with our stories?

Here are some ideas on how to create story topics that will help you to create more intentional content.

  1. Networking content topics

  2. Industry topics

  3. Fun/casual/passion topics

  4. Sales/collaboration topics

So let's break these down a little bit more.

Network Topics:

These are meant to expose you to other accounts and to increase your traffic.

"If I cold have lunch with anyone it would be ___________ and this is why." Then tag the account

Do you have a business bestie? Mine is ________, who's yours? Include a Q&A Sticker.

An account I love to follow is _______ What is yours? Include a Q&A Sticker

Industry Topics:

These are great ways to share tips and knowledge that your audience will remember.

"Here's a quick tip to lighten your load_______________" Do it weekly.

"Here are three mistake we made in our first year of business... Any questions?' DM


"Here is a business tool we couldn't live without__________ Do you use it?" Include Poll


Fun/Casual/Passion Topics:

These topics are about building a community and making strong connections with your followers.

"If I had to describe my dream vacation it would be____________________ What about

you?" Q&A Sticker

"Guess something you think you know about me and put it in the Q&A sticker!"

"What have you been listening to lately? I need some new music" Include Q & A sticker

and re-share your favorites.


This is where sales happen!

"I'm giving a free gift to my email subscribers. Want it? Get yourself signed up!" Click

the Link in My Bio

"Share reviews or testimonials"

"Grab my FREE ______________ " Add Link Button to Story

Trying any of these above are a great way to increase your engagement and be more intentional with your stories! Give them a try and let us know your results! They may just surprise you.

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