How to UNPLUG for the HOLIDAYS.

As the first holiday of this crazy season approaches this week, we feel like it’s time to have a little chat. To all of our business owners out there, we see you. We see how hard you’re working to be prepared for the holidays and to spread the word. We can appreciate the grind you’re on to get so much done in such a short amount of time.

However, we often find ourselves and our clients getting swept up in the numbers and the details so much so that they’re missing out!! Missing out on enjoying the celebration, missing out on taking in the precious moments and missing out on time well spent with family. When you find this happening to you, it may be time to take a step back and remember what the holidays are REALLY about. This is different to everyone, but we encourage you to take some time to ask yourself: what do you want to remember about this holiday season?

After brainstorming what we wanted out of the rest of 2021 - both personally and for the business, we came up with some ways to create the most desirable holiday for you and your business.

Set clear expectations and boundaries.

We always preach setting boundaries so that you can avoid being overwhelmed and burnt out, but boundaries with yourself can be much harder. Setting clear boundaries and expectations with yourself for holidays will help you enter the season with time already set aside for you. For example, we sat down as a company and decided that none of us would be working or available on Thanksgiving. Setting this boundary will give us each a break to enjoy food and family without having work to worry about. Your day doesn’t have to look like this though. Maybe you get up early and use a couple hours in the morning to work, especially if it will make you feel better about getting off for the rest of the day!

Make some plans!!

Actually scheduling activities can help to give you an excuse to stop working (and sometimes, that’s what it takes). Choose a night to go ice skating, plan a Christmas movie marathon, put together a dinner with friends. Making plans for yourself can be the perfect way to get you out of the house and around the people you want to spend time with this season.

Don’t take it too seriously.

The hype and craziness that goes on around holiday sales and consumerism can create so much pressure on business owners to be living up to what everyone else is doing or to create the absolute best deal. However, if thinking about this is stealing your sleep, it’s most likely becoming unhealthy. Remember that you are doing the absolute best you can do - and that’s enough! Have some fun with the holidays instead of taking it too seriously. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up selling more!

We are wishing you all a happy holiday season. It will be what you make of it!

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