Updated: Oct 18, 2021

One of our favorite things about social media is being able to see the faces (and hearts!) behind companies and brands we love. Today feels like the perfect day to introduce you to our team!

Lisa is our Founder and Director here at Nymble. She’s a single mom of two kiddos with 15+ years of clinical social work under her belt. She grew up watching her dad run many successful businesses including Video Vern's, and now owns and operates a coffee shop and bakery in the same location, 3 Cups. It serves as a gathering spot in the heart of Holladay, Utah, with a variety of pastries and homemade snacks, house roasted specialty beans, and brews, and they even host events and classes! This was not her first business venture, making her a bonafide serial entrepreneur.

Lisa's latest adventure has been starting Nymble, A digital marketing agency. After growing the Instagram for 3 Cups she realized how much time and energy it required to run a business and its Instagram. So, she took her love for connecting people and businesses to one another and combined it with a passion for helping women to create a resource for starting and growing their own businesses.

Traveling is her lifeline. She lives for the breath of fresh air that a new place can bring-- experiencing new places, people, foods, and cultures. Some of her favorite destinations include Africa, Germany, Taiwan and the Galapagos Islands. Utah is a great place for her to reside, as she loves the mountains, desert, and everything in between. You’ll find her on the slopes skiing, camping, and hiking.

Most of all, she loves gathering with friends for food, drinks, and laughter.

Sarah is our Creative Marketing Director and you’ll find her strategizing with clients, creating captivating reels, and bringing brands to life. She started working at coffee shops when she was 17, with a couple of retail jobs here and there, but finally ended up at 3 Cups in 2018. Lisa eventually gave her the reins to the 3 Cups Instagram as it grew, and Sarah caught the bug. Since then she has become a pro at curating a positive social media experience. Sarah has always been creative, artistic, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, giving her a knack for getting strategic with free marketing platforms. She is a pro at mastering the algorithm, spending hours at night analyzing trends and finding ways to go viral. And yes, she loves it! We appreciate her approach to social media because she has shown us how to take advantage of the algorithm, so her feed is always educational, inspirational, and beautiful. There’s no time wasted on her phone. One day while working at 3 Cups, Lisa mentioned that she was starting a marketing company, and a lightbulb went off! Sarah offered her expertise, and a dynamic duo was born.

They claim that they never, ever saw themselves in digital marketing, but when it clicks, it clicks.

We'd love to work and grow with you and your business! Find out more about working with us here.

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