Holy crap. It has been a whirlwind of a couple of months in this industry that we know and love. Our job basically revolves around Instagram’s platform and they’ve really been throwing a wrench into our work with recent updates and glitches finding their way into the nooks and crannies of our daily tasks. Here are a few of the updates we’ve experienced that have affected the way we are running accounts on Instagram.

Shift of focus to video content

This has been probably the biggest upset since Instagram started messing around with all the features on its platform. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, stated that Instagram was “no longer a photo-sharing app” which caused some major stress for a lot of businesses and business owners out there. We don’t think photo sharing will ever be taken off of Instagram, but simply that video will become more and more prominent on the platform. So continuing to share your photos, but finding some room for video within your business Instagram will also be very important.

Features for creators and collaborators

At the same time that Mosseri talked about the app turning away from photo-sharing, he also mentioned that they were looking for features that they could add to aid creators in making more money - seeing as their career is oftentimes based solely on creating content for social platforms. We’ve actually seen some fun features come of this already, such as being able to add multiple “collaborators” to content that is posted. The Later blog explains it best: “Instagram Collabs allow you to invite someone to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel, so they can share the content with their followers. Essentially, you can co-author content with a fellow Instagram user, and the post will show up on both of your profiles.” They wrote a whole blog post about this new Instagram feature, check it out!

Hashtag updates

Ahhh, hashtags. There are so many opinions out there about how many hashtags you “should” be using on your posts. However, some accounts that are pretty high up there on the Instagram chain have recently released information regarding hashtags. Mosseri, yet again, came out with a video talking about how less is sometimes more when it comes to hashtags on your post. He stressed that you don’t NEED to be using 30 hashtags. Being very specific and using only relevant hashtags on your post is more important than a number value. A few days later, however, the @creators account on Instagram put a number on it and stated that you should only be using 3-5 hashtags per post. We feel like the jury is still out on this one. We still see such a wide variety of hashtags being used, and we believe that multiple strategies when it comes to hashtags could work depending on the account and industry.

Everyone is getting the link button

Probably the most recent update that has everyone talking - everyone is getting access to linking abilities on Instagram stories! Previously known as the “swipe up” feature that was only available to accounts with at least 10K followers, Instagram has switched this feature to a button and given it to EVERYONE.

And more!

These are just a few of the most prominent updates that have come to light recently on Instagram. While Instagram is constantly making updates (especially within the last few months), it can be hard to keep up and feel impossible to nail down exactly what you need to be putting out on the app. And quite honestly, more updates are likely in the works that we don’t even know about. Our advice is just to do the best you can to create content around a strategy, so you have a solid foundation of what kind of content aligns with your business instead of feeling like you're chasing an ever-changing algorithm.

Need a little help with putting together a strategy? We got you! Get in touch and we can help you build that foundation so that you aren’t left asking questions about what content will perform best for your business.

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