7 ways to use social media for market research

Looking to understand your brand's target audience better? Using social media to gather this information can prove to be more insightful than you think. We've made a list of how to use social media to push the needle on your marketing efforts.

1. See how customers use your products or services

Search for your brand and the name of your product on social platforms like

Instagram to learn how customers actually use your goods and services.

2. Learn what customers dislike about your brand

You probably don’t need to search too hard to find what people dislike about your brand

or your products. Beyond searching for branded keywords and phrases, consider

checking your social inbox for direct messages that contain constructive criticism.

3. Discover what customers like about your brand

There are several ways you can find positive feedback about your brand. Search

for branded keywords and phrases organically on social media; you can also peruse the

reviews section on platforms like Facebook and Google. In addition to monitoring

the conversation around your brand, you should also keep a pulse on what consumers

are saying about your competitors.

4. Gain insight into what customers expect from your brand in the future

One place where you’re likely to find customer feedback is right in your inbox.

Another way to solicit feedback around what customers want to see from your brand is

to simply ask.

5. See what trends customers are interested in

To quickly see what’s trending, check out the explore tab on platforms like Tiktok and

YouTube or use a tool like Google trends to see what topics are gaining traction.

6. Get to know your customers on a personal level

Give your customers a reason to engage with your brand by responding to their

questions or posting topics for conversation.

7. Pinpoint what social content resonates with your audience

You can sort by impressions, engagement and clicks to determine what formats and

themes are most effective on specific networks.

Using these 7 simple steps will help you level up your business in ways you didn't know you needed! And the best part? There's always room to learn and grow!

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