7 “No Duh” Skills of Successful Mompreneurs

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Why are moms the perfect entrepreneurs? As a marketing agency for female owned businesses, we work closely with successful mompreneurs who continue to create success after success as they tend to their families’ busy lives while creating financial freedom for themselves. They simply apply what they’re already doing raising kids to grow a successful business.

How do they do it?

We’ve identified the top 7 “no-duh” skills that female entrepreneurs have already developed that make them crazy successful at obtaining financial and emotional freedom:

1. Successful female entrepreneurs are fanatics about bedtime

What’s any parent’s favorite time of day? Bedtime. For the kids. For you. Successful women business owners are in it for the long haul–which means they can’t afford to burn out. Running a business changes day to day, and when we don’t have sleep, our emotions can get the better of us when things don’t go as expected.

Your best strategy for dealing with the stress that will definitely come with running a business is to make sure you’re getting sleep. You’ll make better decisions in the moment when things get tricky.

Not convinced that sleep can help you become the crazy successful woman business owner you’ve always wanted to become?

Take a quick peek at this article in Forbes, The Sleep Habits of Highly Successful People.

2. Never underestimate the power of the play date

Yes, the obvious play dates are absolutely essential–make sure you’re making time for your friends. They will keep you laughing at the absurd problems that manifest as you navigate your path as a bold business woman. They’ll keep you real and grounded and confident. They know you. They’re rooting for you.

And then there’s another kind of play date. We see successful women business owners championing playfulness with their employees. They give their team room to be creative and provide space for innovation. Lighten up, and let go of the rule books. Only you can build what you’re gonna build. So have fun doing it!

Want to learn more? Have a quick read of Entrepreneur’s Reconnect With Play to Help You Succeed

3. You’re gonna miss this phase

We see women find the success they’ve always wanted when they’re able to stay present in the current phase of their business rather than wasting energy wishing it was otherwise. They’re willing to get their hands in the dirt, and are able to see the benefits of starting small and growing slow and steady.

Every phase of growing a business has its growing pains–and the bigger the business, the bigger and deeper the problems. There’s a reason many entrepreneurs jump from startup to startup–they can’t seem to deal with their babies growing up and taking on their own personalities.

Mompreneurs who want their business to eventually be able to run itself are willing to give up complete control, and are happy to see the business go in ways she could have never imagined.

Staying present and mindful in the moment brings gratitude and puts us in the right frame of mind to make decisions with clarity. Not convinced? Have a look-see at this article in the Huffington Post, 7 Ways Mindfulness Is the Key To Your Success At Work and Life.

4. The power of listening

As moms, we know the best conversations with our kids happen when we’re simply present and available. Kids don’t open up all the time or very often, but you want to make sure you’re there when they need you.

It’s the same with your employees and your business. Listening is such a powerful tool that all successful mompreneurs have learned how to use it constantly. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Let your employees hear themselves talking. Let them feel validated and trusted. Consider and implement their ideas.

You aren’t the only one with experience and know-how. Employ your best listening skills if you want your business to deliver that freedom you crave so much.

As boss, it’s easy to think you have all the answers and are sole owner of the company’s vision. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and an attitude like that does nothing for you or anyone on your team but create an environment of inequality. For more on active listening, we think you’ll appreciate The Importance of Listening As A Leader In The Digital Era.

5. Consistency is key

The power of routine applies to growing a business just as much as raising kids. Learn how to time-block and realize that self-discipline is the best form of self-care any of us women can give ourselves.

Put yourself on a schedule as if you were your own parent. Make time to celebrate small achievements with a well-deserved tea break or 10 minute meditation. If you feel yourself losing steam, pause and consider what you need to help you get through a tough problem.

Make sure protect your time as its the most valuable thing you own. Once you really get into a rhythm, you’ll get into that flow that all of us are striving for.

At the end of the day, consistency builds trust. First, you learn you an trust yourself. You can and will show up for yourself. And, of course, your team will grow to trust you as you cultivate a culture of consistency.

And just for good measure, check out Success Isn’t About Talent or Luck. It’s About Consistency.

6. Boundaries are healthy

Every parent wants their kid to feel empowered and self-sufficient. It’s the same when you’re running a business. Rather than creating relationships of codependency, trust your employees to make good decisions and give them the tools they need to succeed. No strings attached.

Create space for people to have real lives that are messy and unpredictable, but set clear boundaries around what’s acceptable within the confines of work. We want empathetic workplaces, not theatrical drama stages. Give people places to take breaks and breathers. Build in time off that takes into consideration that life just happens.

New to boundaries? Forbes has a great article about how to become a boundary boss: 10 Ways To Set Healthy Boundaries At Work.

7. Set clear expectations and communicate clearly

Make sure you set clear and realistic expectations for yourself and with your team. It’s easy to put way too much pressure on yourself and your team. Be careful about the stress you might inadvertently place on everyone when you haven’t taken the time to do your homework. Listen to and observe your employees–where are they falling short? Is it because they’re slacking or are they overwhelmed with the impossibility of reaching unrealistic goals?

Ask your team what they think about your KPI’s and other metrics you’ve set in place. Most teams fail when expectations aren’t clear and no one has a sense of succeeding.

Are you surprised? You already have what it takes to be a successful woman business owner. You have an amazing idea, and we hope you make it happen. We have no doubt that if you simply do what you do day in and day out, you will find the freedom you’ve been longing for.

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