5 Ways Brands are Growing Revenue Using Text-Based Marketing

The texting train is just pulling out of the station and is sure to pick up speed. Here's how brands are already taking advantage of this type of marketing.

1. Convert abandoned carts into sales - A quick text after leaving a site can turn a forgotten cart into an unforgettable purchase

2. Grow a Loyal Audience - text your followers when they are most engaged to let them know about new launches they'll definitely be interested in.

3. Make it Personal - Sponsored messages that use chatbots give customers what they want before they know they want it.

4. Offer 1:1 Customer Service - text marketing is a two-way street. Inviting shoppers to join a conversation by asking questions about new lines or getting style recommendations provides a great experience that they'll be texting their friends about.

5. Amplify Marketing Campaigns - Forget silos. Text marketing can alert customers to contests, tease upcoming releases and drive quick awareness of limited - time promotions.

With more than 3.5 trillion texts sent each day, more brands than ever are using SMS to increase sales and build better consumer relations. Don't miss the train!

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